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Remembering Kenneth Dale White

Celebrating the Life of

Kenneth Dale White

May 23, 1963 - February 8, 2021

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Kenneth Dale White was the fifth son and the tenth child born to Samuel White and Mary Senior White on May 23, 1963. 


Kenn spent his early childhood in South Carolina where he lived until his family relocated to New York. 

He spent his elementary school years in Yonkers, NY and returned to South Carolina to live with his family after the death of his mother.  When he was a teenager, he made the decision to move back to New York and remained there until returning to South Carolina in 1992.

His family was there for him after the death of his mother and rallied around him during his formative years.  He was blessed to have a strong foundation of relatives that helped raise him and saw that he was cared for and loved. For these sacrifices he was eternally grateful and always spoke of the importance his family played in his life.


Everyone in his family had a nickname and Kenn was no exception, he was affectionately called “Sug” by those who loved and knew him best.  That name was one that he answered to throughout his life with affection.


Kenn had a natural athletic ability. He excelled in several sports and took pleasure in challenging himself to be the best at whatever he set out to accomplish. Track and field, weight training, cycling, and running were physical activities that he enjoyed. Anyone who knew Kenn, knew how hard he pushed himself. He always strived to surpass his goals and limits; these qualities made him a great leader. He would apply this same mindset throughout his life.


He embraced the ideology that knowledge is power and that we all should strive to be a better version of ourselves. Kenn was a scholar and was well versed in many subjects. He spent countless hours studying and took pleasure in learning all that he could.

Kenn graduated from Yonkers High School in Yonkers, New York in 1981. He went on to graduate at Farmingdale State College – SUNY, with a degree in Graphic Arts in 1983. Kenn relocated to South Carolina in 1992 and decided to further his academic standing.   He studied at The University of South Carolina and obtained a Bachelor of Science in 1998 and a Doctor of Philosophy (Biological Sciences) in 2008.

Immediately after college he worked for Phillips Laboratory and Xerox Corporation.

After obtaining his Ph.D., Kenn was an Adjunct Professor at Midlands Technical College and Allen University in Columbia, SC. He was an Assistant Professor at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, SC. His instruction included the subjects of General Biology, Biochemistry, and Ecology. 

 Kenn met Margaret in 1991 and they married in 1994. They were a unique pairing and together they set out to live their lives as one.  Each one having unique qualities but shared values and love.  Kenn often referred to himself not as a stepfather, but as a father that stepped in. When he married Margaret, he married her children as well and they became a family.  This union was blessed with the births of Oni and Mazi which brought the total number of 6 children to their family.  He never hesitated in his role as the head of the household and was full of life lessons for the family.  Their home was always full and bustling with the daily activities.  He often traveled with Margaret and all the children in tow. There were many road trips to the South Carolina beaches, New York, and Florida.  Walt Disney World was a family favorite, and many great memories were made there.

Kenn was known for his beautiful smile and his willingness to always lend a helping hand. He enjoyed politics and world events and welcomed conversation and debates that would keep others engaged in for hours. His family and friends knew that he was always ready to help and protect them if needed. 


Later in life his love of music and comedy brought joy and happiness to him on a daily basis. He would often laugh and listen to his favorite artists in between “traveling the globe” on the computer. 

His honesty and wit were his trademarks, and he did not hesitate to speak his mind. He always enjoyed a good meal, and he took pleasure in the comfort of being at home. His love of cars and riding brought him a sense of freedom and serenity. He would often take off and enjoy his music while cruising. 


Kenn had several health issues that he met head on throughout his life.  He was blessed to be the recipient of a kidney transplant in 1994 and for 26 years that donation allowed him to pursue his dreams.  He was able to have good health, marry, have a family, enjoy his relationships with his family and friends, and obtain a PhD.  He was a living miracle, and every minute was used to its full advantage.  In recent years Kenn’s health began to decline and in November 2020 he contracted Covid-19.  Although he was able to recover from this illness it left it’s mark on his ailing body.  After a heroic fight to overcome the many medical complications, as a result of the Covid virus, he departed this earthly life on February 8, 2021. 

Preceding him in death is his father Samuel White, his mother, Mary Senior White, brother, Sammie Keller, and his godmother, Bertha Shuler, as well as other family members and friends.

Kenn is survived by his wife, Margaret. S. White, his children, Mazi E. White, Oni A. White, Juden M. Smith, Aria R. Smith, Maya L. Smith, and Lia K. Christopher (Hanif). Grandchildren​​: Amias Christopher, Hasan Christopher, and Sophia Christopher.

Sisters: Deloris White Weston (Anthony), Pricilla White, Juanita White, Inez White Edwards (Vic), and Evelyn C. White.  Brothers: Anthony White, Gilbert White, Samuel White Jr., George White, Sammie Keller, Charles Gilmore, and James Boyd White; and a host of nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews, and close family friends.  


Publications / Posters /Presentations

Pena, M.M., S. Melo, Y.-Y. Xing, K. White, K.W. Barbour, and F.G. Berger. 2009. The

intrinsically disordered N-terminal domain of thymidylate synthase targets the enzyme to the

ubiquitin-independent proteasomal degradation pathway. J. Biol. Chem. 284:31597-31607.


S. P. Melo, K. White, M. M Peña, K.W. Barbour, Y.Y. Xing, and F.G. Berger. Mechanism of

ubiquitin-independent proteasomal degradation of human thymidylate synthase. Dept. of

Chemistry & Biochemistry and Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of South Carolina,

Poster 2008


Periostin’s role in cancer development: Comprehensive examination, University of South

Carolina, Columbia SC, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, March 2007

MicroRNA - binding viral protein interferes with Arabidopsis development, University of South

Carolina, Columbia SC, Departmental Seminar, August 2005


Increased RNA editing and inhibition of Hepatitis Delta virus replication by high level

expression of ADAR1 and ADAR2, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC, Departmental

Seminar, January 2005


Acetylation of RelA at discrete sites regulates distinct nuclear

functions of NF- κB, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC, Departmental Seminar,

August 2004Human Gene Targeting by Adeno -Associated Virus Vectors Is Enhanced

by DNA Double-Stranded Breaks, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC, Departmental

Seminar, January 2004

Funding, Awards, and Scholarships



11/2008 – 01/2010 - Competitive Experimental Program to Stimulate Research

(EPSCoR/INBRE):“A Noval Approach to Reducing Intracellular Levels of Thymidylate Synthase”


8/03 – 5/08 - National Institute of Health, Comprehensive Biomedical Branch:

“The N-terminal domain of human thymidylate synthase functions as a degron”


1/98 - 5/98 - Competitive Experimental Program to Stimulate Research (EPSCoR ):

“Identification and Characterization of Molecules Involved In Odor Detection in Manduca Sexta”


5/97 - 8/97 - Howard Hughes Undergraduate Research Award: “Repair of an Induced

Double-Strand Break in Mammalian Cells via Homologous Recombination”

Society of Toxicology Travel Award

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Acknowledgements to Medical Facilities, Specialists and Services


Prisma Richland Hospital

Columbia, SC


Prisma Baptist Hospital

Columbia, SC


Providence Hospital

Columbia, SC


Lexington Kidney Center

West Columbia, SC


Medical University of South Carolina

Charleston, SC


Westchester Medical Center

Valhalla, New York


Montifiore Hospital

The Bronx, New York


St. Joseph’s Hospital

Yonkers, New York


St. John’s Riverside Hospital

Yonkers, New York


HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital

Columbia, South Carolina


NCH of Lexington Rehabilitation

West Columbia, South Carolina


Augusta Medical Center

Augusta, Georgia

Thank you to all of the medical facilities and staff that have provided care for Kenn over the years.

Dr. Rafiq

Dr. Islam

Odette Fisher-Glover DNP, FNP-C, CDE

Dr. Troyer

Dr. O’Brien

Dr. Veillette

Dr. Moss

Dr. Greenhouse

Dr. Fuller

Dr. Nichols

Dr. Oliver

Dr. Glicklick

Dr. Nelsen

Dr. Archer

Dr. Savoy

Amedisys Home Health Care

Midlands Hearing Associate

HIM Health Service Physicians @ Prisma Richland

Wendy at BI-LO Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy

For Life Transport Service

T&P Transportation Services LLC

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